Vibrant Visuals had proudly announced that Spacetours VR: EP1 The Solar System has officially launched on the Oculus home, previously being exclusive through Steam and Viveport.

Spacetours VR allows you to traverse the blackish, chillingly ambient depths of space and explore 8 photorealistic planets in the Solar System, designed by referencing 100’s of images from NASA and ESA, by utilising non-linear gameplay and state of the art streaming techniques with no loading screens.
Spacetours VR features:

  • 8 Eplorable Planets: Visit the eight planets of the Solar System in this inspiring VR experience
  • Easy To Grasp: Highly suitable for players new to VR
  • Intuitive Controls: Developed for VR with intuitive motion-controls in separate formats for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
  • Photorealistic Planets: Photorealistic planets created from hundreds of NASA images brought to life with Epic’s Unreal Engine®
  • Non-linear Gameplay: Choose your travel destination and the events you want to see
  • No Load Screens: State-of-the-art level streaming technique with no loading screens

Spacetours VR is out now.



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