Epic Games reveals another character that will be joining the roster in Paragon called Phase. This punk-rock chick sports a purple motif and psychic abilities that allows her to shoot at enemies, empower allies with strength and durability, and pull characters from and into danger. When Phase displayed abilities at a young age she was sent to Tryon Industries to be experimented on, but broke out soon after in a riot with other inmates. She blended in with the population of Omeda City but soon found her way to Agora where she joined the battles.

Phase will be a part of the “Age of Intellect” update (v.40) that also brings a bunch of new patches including reworked Heroes like Steel and Murock (kit upgrades to make them more viable in combat) and a patched card system to make them feel more functional and balanced across the library. Monthly Vault Rewards has been added, as well, to give players even more content for their continued game-play.


Paragon‘s “Age of Intellect” patch¬†will be released for the PlayStation 4 on May 16th, 2017 for free.


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