Koei Tecmo has revealed some screenshots and artwork for their next installment in the Warriors series, Dynasty Warriors 9. The title will be released in the West and include a story encompassing the final age of the Han dynasty and the beginning of the Three Kingdoms era.

The game will bring back 83 characters previously seen in the series and introduce Cheng Pu, a long-term retainer who supported three generations of the Sun family and contributed to the expansion and stability of the Wu kingdom. The screenshots below not only display the beautiful environment and changing time-of-day setting but also have a look at Cheng Pu himself in action. More information about the title will be released in the coming months about the open world title set in China and about other characters that will be included.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released for the PlayStation 4 sometime later this year. News of other platform releases may yet be revealed.



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