A gameplay trailer arrives for Infinite Desolation, a fusion between top-down action-shooter and survival RPG. This PC title is set on a planet with harsh environments and even harsher wildlife as it constantly tries to take you down.

Insect-like creatures and robotic enemies all swarm you throughout different modes such as Story, Doomed, Speedrun, Co-op and Versus. You face these hordes with a large arsenal of weapons, crafted items and special abilities that can be leveled up. This heart-pumping game also offers deep character progression, exploration and looting, crafting, day-night cycles, environmental hazards, classic survival mechanics and world-jumping portals to keep you constantly busy.



Infinite Desolation will be released for the PC and Mac at an unknown date but is available now as an updated demo now on GameJolt Early Access and soon on Steam Early Access.



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