The new character DLC titled ‘Episode Gladiolus’ allows fan to be able to experience Final Fantasy XV in a new persepctive. Trading in Noctis’ warp-strikes for a more defensive play style emphasising the use of blocking and counter attacking.


The story of the ‘Episode Galdiolus’ DLC starts after Gladiolus loses to the enemy high commander Ravus and is forced to accept the limitations of his own strength. In order to travel with the Chosen King, Noctis, he realizes he must also possess a comparable level of power in order to protect him. In the ancient ruins that were found in the Kingdom of Lucis 30 years ago, the spirits of heroes that once served the king await the next generation of warriors.

Gladiolus parts ways with his posse and meets up with Cor, the sole survivor of the trials. Now, with his mentor at his side, Gladiolus sets out to challenge the Shield of the Founder King: the Blademaster, Gilgamesh.

The episode features:

  • A new story told from Gladiolus’ perspective uncovering the events that transpired when the character left the party in FINAL FANTASY XV’s main storyline
  • An exhilarating combat system that capitalizes on Gladiolus’ blocking and counterattacking play style through the new “Valor” and “Rage” system
  • Previously inaccessible parts of Eos that are now open for exploration
  • Special items that can be carried over the main game and exclusive to those who complete Episode Gladiolus
  • Two brand-new gameplay modes, “Score Attack” and “Final Trial” made available upon completing Episode Gladiolus

Additionally, SQUARE ENIX also released a free game update that introduces cutscenes to enhance the Chapter 13 story experience, two different playable Chapter 13 routes, more powerful ring magic and more areas to explore in the game.

FINAL FANTASY XV’s Episode Gladiolus is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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