Green Man Gaming are proud to announce Peregrin, a story puzzle game that combines fantasy, sci-fi and myth together to create a journey that will see you traversing eerie landscapes all the while facing complex puzzles and vicious creatures in a beautifully realised world.


Peregrin’s story is set years after the Gods’ revenge on the planet and tells the tale of an adventurer, Abi, trying to save her tribe. As Abi leaves her scavenger tribe, she ventures across the wastelands of The Divide to embark upon a grand journey, facing many difficult obstacles in her path. Peculiar artifacts and bizzare monoliths will await her, revealing the long forgotten history of the wastelands.

Peregrin features:

  • A rich and immersive story, fully voiced in English
  • 5 chapters comprising over 60 visually stunning scenes and landscapes
  • Intuitive and rewarding gameplay, featuring the unique creature possession mechanic
  • Bespoke art style inspired by canonical sci-fi artists such as John Harris and Moebius
  • Custom composed musical score for a fully cinematic experience
  • Full controller support

Peregrin is out this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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