Deck13’s upcoming Action-RPG, The Surge, unveiled a new CGI trailer today, illustrating the intense, deep rooted combat between man and machine. We now witness Warren battling mechanical foes deeper within the CREO complex.

Megacorporation CREO is hard at work reversing the devastating effects of climate change, but the facility is hit by a mysterious, disastrous event. After waking up from a blackout caused by the disaster, Warren is propelled into a vicious new world. Robots gone haywire, crazy augmented co-workers and rogue AI – it seems like everything and everyone wants him dead.

Players are pitted in a desperate struggle to survive, engaging these unpredictable foes in intuitive, deep rooted melee combat. The Surge features next-gen looting system allowing you to target and slice off specific limmbs from your enemies in battle and then equipping the weapons or armor you dismember!

The Surge comes out May 16 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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