The latest update for EverSpace, update v0.4,  introduces us to improved gunship balancing, ship customization, alternative ship load-outs, new consumables, new challenges and perilous Colonial  stations that can be explored. Update v0.4 also incorporates the previously impending update v0.3 for both Xbox One and Windows Store which introduced the player base to the Colonial Gunship.

In update v0.4,  players will stumble upon remnants of Colonial stations which can be explored to uncover ship enhancements. Some enhancements will buff ship traits whilst others will have a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Acquiring these new ship enhancements won’t be easy as you will come across security measures in the Colonial Station such as turrets, barriers and drones. For screenshots and a list of all the updates to the game, keep scrolling down.

The update for EverSpace can be downloaded now on Xbox One and PC via Steam, GOG and the Windows Store.

New Features:

  • Added enhancements that can be equipped in the hangar
  • Added new points of interest: Derelict Colonial stations
  • Added player ship colors: Some are unlocked from the start, more can be collected during runs
  • Added alternative ship loadouts
  • Replaced voice actor for protagonist
  • Added new consumable: Distress Beacon
  • Added new consumable: Nano Extractor
  • Added new consumable: Sensor Drone
  • Added new challenge “Survive a Warship attack”
  • Added 1st person view without cockpit
  • The three most crafted blueprints in the current run will now be listed at the top of each crafting list


  • Reworked Colonial Interceptor model and cockpit
  • Consumables will now be activated after holding down the button for a short time to prevent accidental activation
  • All device Sub-Routines have been turned into enhancements. Players who had any of these blueprints unlocked will automatically unlock the respective enhancements.
  • The Devastator Sub-Routine Enhancement is now Gunship-exclusive
  • Shield Disruptor is now Interceptor-exclusive
  • Energy Discharger can now also be used on the Interceptor
  • Front Shield Generator can now be used on the Gunship and is even Gunship exclusive
  • Increased Gunship armor by 10%
  • Added and additional device slot for Gunship
  • Increased Gunship energy core recharge rate and added a few perk levels
  • Drones will now always travel with you, the ability is not Gunship exclusive anymore.
  • Added a level to the Gunship’s drones perk theat regenerates hull of drones after jumping.
  • Increased distance of deployed drones to player ships
  • All sorts of Okkars, not only Interceptors can jump in before the Warships arrive
  • Okkar Interceptors are now a common, though rare, enemy in later sectors
  • The effects of previous perk levels are now displayed for perks that have unique descriptions per level
  • Hull repairs at service stations are now limited but can be increased with the trading perk
  • Enhanced turrets can now be found
  • Increased energy allocations of Mk2/Mk3 Shields and Adaptive Armor
  • Removed cooldown for Missile Defense Systems
  • Energy Discharger now won’t damage friendly units
  • Don’t deal or receive damage when colliding with friendly units
  • Outlaw Drone carrier will now only re-override its own link drones if they got overridden, not all player drones
  • Time Extenders will now leave the player ship unaffected while active
  • Freighter in generic repair mission will now ask for all kinds of resources, not only nano-bots
  • Sensors now need crystals instead of processors to repair which makes finding the needed resources easier without radar
  • Reduced sensor damage radar impairment
  • Show amount of deployed drones in HUD
  • Only show “New ship available” message once
  • Added new message when unlocking Enhancements, Colors, Loadouts and Blueprints
  • Yellow marker colors are now only used for neutral units. Pickups, asteroids and other objects are now drawn in light blue.
  • Added jump suppressor markers
  • Added service station marker
  • Traders will sometimes offer Access Keys
  • Added Access Keys to Bonus Gear Offers
  • Increased alert log font size
  • Removed challenge “Kill 5 Okkar Interceptors in a single run”
  • Added possbility to remap “P” key for opening the system menu
  • Thermo Gun II will now fire bursts rather than bundles of projectiles
  • Tweaked skybox generation to allow for more variation


  • Fixed generic minefield mission automatically succeeding
  • Fixed player deploy drones not having shields when respective perk level was reached
  • Fixed some loot being spawned way outside of level bounds
  • Fixed a bug where the game would hang when the last secondary weapon of a slot was fired while the others were set to “skip when switching”
  • Fixed turrets of Okkar Corvette and G&B Fighter not turning friendly if ship’s mainframe gets overridden
  • Fixed camera stuttering when flying in third person
  • Fixed codex screen in hangar being unresponsive when using controller
  • Fixed a bug where game could freeze when firing last secondary weapon of a kind
  • Fixed a bug where drone carriers could be mainframe overridden
  • Fixed black hole alert sounds and lightning sound not being affected by volume settings
  • Fixed a bug when trying to collect previously excess nano bots after crafting nano injectors
  • Fixed Okkar Swarm Fighters speaking with Outlaw voices
  • Fixed ships not colliding with crystals


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