Lots of new details comes out for Attack On Titan, the new action game by Koei Tecmo based on the hit anime series of the same name. The Scout Mode allows players to team up with three companions to venture where they can upgrade their gear and prepare resources in order to fight Titans out in the wild to complete missions.

You can take your upgraded character and their equipment into either single player or multiplayer missions, with lots of missions to sate your appetite. Decisive Battle Signal is also a new feature that’s been revealed where the player builds a meter based on how many members you save and enemies you slay; once the meter is full you’re able to use it to call all members to attack as one together on a single opponent.

attackontitan_screenshot01 attackontitan_screenshot16 attackontitan_screenshot15 attackontitan_screenshot14 attackontitan_screenshot13 attackontitan_screenshot12 attackontitan_screenshot11 attackontitan_screenshot10 attackontitan_screenshot09 attackontitan_screenshot08 attackontitan_screenshot07 attackontitan_screenshot06 attackontitan_screenshot05 attackontitan_screenshot04 attackontitan_screenshot03 attackontitan_screenshot02

Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom will be released for the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on August 26th, 2016 in Europe and August 30th in North America.


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