Ensembles Studios has released a new trailer for Halo Wars 2, the sequel to their future-warfare strategy game based on the critically acclaimed Halo series. The trailer shows the two leaders of the UNSC and Covenant, respectively; not much is known about these two figures but hopefully now that Microsoft has announced a release date for the title we’ll be seeing more details in the coming months.

Halo Wars 2 is apart of Microsoft’s new Play Anywhere initiative where players can get a copy of the game on PC when they purchase it on Xbox One and vice versa. The Ultimate Edition that fans will be able to pre-order will also include a remastered copy of the first Halo Wars for Xbox One and PC.


Halo Wars 2 Horizontal Key Art








Halo Wars 2 will be released exclusively for the Xbox One on February 21st, 2017.

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