Official Multiplayer Trailer for DOOM

The highly-anticipated DOOM gets an official trailer from id Software and Bethesda promoting the multiplayer mode that will be featured in the game. Not only does it have futuristic, gun-totting action but you also get to transform into one of the iconic demons from the game. This way, players will be fighting over this dominant power to gain the upper hand in the field, however, this also allows a player to kill them and gain an even stronger demonic form. The multiplayer is clearly fast-paced just like its single-player counterpart and players will be launched from portals, jet-pack across gaps, and explode enemies in their path to win.

Not only that, but they have also announced that anyone who has purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order on the PlayStation 4 or 3 will be able to take part in the closed beta from March 31st to April 3rd. They will be able to participate in Team Deathmatch and Warpath on two different maps including Heatwave and Infernal. If you bought The New Order, check out your eligibility requirements here and then make sure to redeem the code that came with your copy onto your PS4.


DOOM will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on May 13th, 2016.


Source: PlayStation Blog

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