The developers behind Life Is Strange and Remember Me announced last year that they would be bringing a new title to the new generation consoles called Vampyr. Dontnod has revealed that the plot is to take place during a Spanish flu outbreak in 1918 London as you play a (you guessed it) vampiric doctor.

With the same decision-making that is centrally featured in all of their games, players will be able to utilize the doctor’s skillset in order to save them or feed on and kill them. Doing either will advance the plot in different directions, creating different endings and consequences that will impact the overall story-line. Not only that, but Dontnod will be taking a page out of Remember Me and incorporating a combat system in which the doctor will be able to fight with supernatural abilities. Upgradeable weapons, skills, and poisons will be integrated into the game along with a loot system. Seems like the developers will be taking all the best features of their titles and putting it into one interesting adventure.

Vampyr-01 Vampyr-02 Vampyr-03 Vampyr-04

Vampyr will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac sometime in 2017.


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