A new developer diary for Fable Legends is released from Lionhead Studios and it features a look into the combat gameplay for Bandits known as the Outlaws. Players taking the villains’ side will be able to choose from among four Outlaws, including the Melee, the Thug, the Hornblower, and the Ranged, each with their own unique abilities.

The Melee utilizes swords, hammers and clubs to deal great damage along with a special confusion tonic that inverts enemies’ controls so that it’s hard to navigate. The Thug is the tank of the team, being able to both take a lot of damage and deal it out. The Hornblower is able to do exactly what its name entails and power up the minions that is a part of the team, making them enter a Bloodlust and dole out more damage for a period of time. The Ranged class is able to shoot from a distance with arrows along with a stunning variety that keeps the enemies caught in the blast in place for a period of time. These warriors are sure to give the heroes’ team a tough time.



Fable Legends will be released sometime in 2016 for the Xbox One and PC, with the Multiplayer Beta currently going on.


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