A new original video animation that acts as an anime prologue was released to promote God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2 to be released in the summer. The lengthy 12-minute trailer explains the story behind the first fight on the Fenrir Far East Branch’s team against the Aragami.

Resurrection is the updated version of God Eater Burst, including an additional story that connects Burst to God Eater 2. With the new “Predator Style” gameplay element added to the game, the existing Devour action during fights is incredibly enhanced. Not only that, but all existing weapons from God Eater 2 and God Eater 2 Rage Burst will be included in the second game that’s also released along with Resurrection. It’s time to fend off the Gods like the warrior you were meant to be!


God Eater Resurrection will be released for the PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC in Summer 2016 internationally.


Source: GamesPress



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