Firewatch was developed and published by Campo Santo on the 9th February 2016. The game is priced at £14.99. A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels.


Firewatch is a first person action-adventure game set in the awesome Wyoming terrain. You play as a ‘Firefighter’, always being alert and vigilant to the terrain around you so that you prevent major fire accidents. The game goes way deeper than this though and you’re forced to make choices which can in tandem change the outcomes of the story


What I enjoyed:

Graphics – The graphics on this game are gorgeous with the unique artstyle making exploring around the environments rewarding and fun. There have been times in game where I would just freeze and stare at the landscape.

Story – The game at first plays like a visual novel, giving you a deeper understanding of the main character and giving you a more intricate bond. I don’t want to give away too much because I dont want to spoil anything about the game. The story is very hooking and addictive.

Main character – I felt an instant connection with Henry and since the first conversation in the tower with Delilah, (who is your supervisor in the game). I enjoyed the main characters humor and slight sarcasm to the full extent. He seems to be a very caring guy who tries to shrug everything off like he is laid back.


What I disliked:

Thrown in the deep end
– The game slowly tries to edge you in but before you know it, you’re thrown in the wilderness and not a clue where to go if you miss some vital text. Once you get your feet back up from the floor and find out how the system works you can start to progress further into the story.

Controller options – The controller works great, when you’re using it and it still gives you the Keyboard button icons. There have been times when the keyboard buttons icons have come up on screen for me to be confused and have to press random buttons on the controller until I learn them.


Being alone is very scary and I was quick to learn this on Firewatch. The game is really unique and a breath of fresh air and I fully enjoyed being thrown from one life to another. Delilah really helps you along with everything and becomes your guardian angel almost and it is scary to think what it would be like without her.

The whole genre and game is new to me, I’ve not played much of the same type games for instance Long Dark, Kholat. If you enjoyed those games or are looking for a unique experience I can wholeheartedly say that this game is definitely worth it.

Score: Buy it now!



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