Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor, a real time action game sets to put gladiators in a fighting pit against each other. The game is developed and Published by Dorado Games who have been making games since 2007. The game was successfully Greenlit on Steam.


The game is set in ancient Rome, where you portray the life of a gladiator school owner. The game provides an insight into how life occurred in ancient Roman times. The player will do various tasks in game such as train their gladiators, scout new talent, and auction gladiators. Additionally, players will bid on, equip, and send gladiators into battle where you can either claim victory or die and be lost forever in the sands of time, players can also use the fragrr boost to get ahead of the game.


The combat in Gladiators Online plays out in Real Time allowing the game to be played very tactically or offensively depending on the situation. You collect energy through successful attacks and timing the skills will then decide over life or death. It’s worth noting that the game has over 60 combat skills and over 600 items, consumables and techniques which will influence the outcome of the battle. Every asset is crucial to the gladiators success.

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A notable feature of this game is that once your character dies, you lose them permanently. This makes the game more attractable for hardcore players searching for a tough challenge. For this reason it is very important that you arm your gladiators up to the brink before battle!

The game will go live October 27th 2015. The official website can be found here:



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