If you’re a big fan of Fallout, beer and are living in the UK, you’re in for a shock. Bethesda have teamed up with Carlsberg to offer fans a great tasting fallout beer.

The beverage is inspired by Vault-Tec Industries and the multi-award winning Fallout video-game series. Fallout BEER will be available via Amazon.co.uk and will begin shipping to customers from 5th November, ahead of the launch of Fallout 4, the most anticipated video game of the year. That means on release date you will be able to enjoy a Fallout beer whilst playing Fallout.

F4 Amazon beer_image1

Bruce Ray, Corporate Affairs Director at Carlsberg UK: “This is something of a world-first. Adult participation in video gaming is a truly social activity, on a par with cinema and music. We’re proud to work with Bethesda to produce a beer Fallout fans can enjoy”.

Fallout BEER is a 4% alcohol by volume (ABV) pilsner lager, with a refreshing zesty hoppy taste and a floral aroma, sold in a 330ml bottle format and sold only to customers aged 18 and over. To reserve your case of Fallout BEER please visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016XZVE96



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