A new virtual reality shooter comes to the PlayStation VR in the form of Gungrave VR! […]
EA launched this year’s E3 by showcasing a new multiplayer trailer for Battlefield V as well […]
The Resident Evil series was never really a game series that I had much interest in […]
While originally only released on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Killing Floor: Incursion will now be […]
Star Wars Battlefront II is a game that has been mired in outrage since before its […]
While already released late last year, the DLC “Turning Tides” for Battlefield 1 has already taken […]
Inti Creates and PQube announce that they’ll be bringing the sequel to the very ecchi Gal*Gun: […]
6 years ago, I received a few recommendations from passersby and friends alike who told me […]
Players who never got the chance to play Arizona Sunshine on PC and have a PlayStation […]
Yet another champion trailer comes our way for upcoming Quake Champions on PC and it reveals the […]
The most complete version of Bulletstorm has been released in the form of the Full Clip […]
A new character trailer has been released for another roster member of Quake Champions, Anarki. In […]
A new feature from Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 has been revealed by CI Games and that’s […]
As the Blood Covenant map was revealed in our last news update for Quake Champions, this […]
Activision has released a new trailer highlighting the key aspects of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered‘s […]
Shadow Warrior 2 gets a new highlight trailer and screenshots for their ‘Bounty Hunt Part 1’ […]
The next title in the iconic first-person shooting series that has its own expo, Quake Champions, […]
Looks like the boys at People Can Fly have revealed a revamped version of Bulletstorm called […]
Ubisoft has announced that, in celebration of one year since the release, they have now released […]
A new downloadable content pack is being released for DOOM and it’s titled “Hell Followed”. This […]

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