Ever since Phantasy Star Universe‘s servers on the Xbox 360 shut down, there had been a […]
Ittle Dew 2 has you play as an adventuress named Ittle Dew and her winged-fox named Tippsie […]
E3 2016 held so many promising trailers for games out there that it was hard to […]
The original Halo Wars took everything that we loved about the Halo series and turned it into a […]
Final Fantasy XIII was a game that received a ton of backlash from its fan base. Some […]
Dimps and Bandai Namco are back and after the success of the first installment, Dragon Ball […]
The next game in the series that includes killing underground monsters, shooting lasers out of the […]
Attack on Titan is one of the hit anime of this generation with its story of […]
It’s almost been a full year since the release of the most anticipated sequel to one […]
The Living Dungeon is a video game version of a table top Dungeons & Dragons type […]
Livelock is an online and single player top down co-op shooter. You control one of the […]
Valley is a game about exploration and discovery while implementing various playing styles all within one […]
Life is Strange is an interactive episodic point and click story that most of you may […]
This is an updated review with some similar information as provided in my previous review for […]
Wasteland 2: Directors Cut is a role playing game with strategy and simulation aspects set in […]
Have you ever sat around and wondered what it would be like to run your own […]
Rev Ersi Quest is a turn based board game with Role-Playing elements developed by Yokogo Sytems. […]
I was initially hesitant to purchase and play Mighty No. 9. I thought I might not enjoy it […]
Superhot was developed and published by Superhot Team. It was released on Steam February 25th, 2016 […]
Coffin Dodgers was developed by Milky Tea Studios and published by Wales Interactive. It was released […]

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