En Masse Entertainment’s latest MMORPG title, Kritika Online, is getting some hype as they release a trailer detailing the story and a bunch of screenshots. The characters look great and has a very anime-like feel to them. Players can go to En Masse’s website and sign up for a chance to be a part of the closed beta, or simply buy the Founder’s Pack to ensure their inclusion into it. The closed beta is now running from May 24th to June 13th.

Kritika Online includes four character types including the Warrior, the Gunmage, the Rogue, and the Reaper which the players can use to explore the beautiful 3D world and defeat super-sized level bosses and baddies. The heroes utilize oversized blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics to take down enemies and rampage their way through the story.


There are three different Founder’s Packs for discounted prices offered in En Masse’s store including the ‘Into the Dark’ pack [$14.99] which has closed beta/open beta early access, Founder title Advance Guard, 2,000 EMP (in-game currency), and an Elite status voucher for 30 days; the ‘Dark Companion’ pack [$29.99] that includes the same things but with a permanent Dark Companion pet, 4,000 EMP, black and leopard sunglasses for your character, and Elite status voucher for 90 days; and finally the ‘Dark Guardians’ pack [$74.99] that includes the same things as the last pack but with dark costumes for your characters, 10,000 EMP, and Elite status voucher for 180 days. Elite status vouchers basically give you more EXP during game-play to level up and acquire items quicker than others. The Dark Companion pet auto-loots for you as you progress through dungeons, as well.

Kritika Online is will be available for the PC at a still unknown time but the closed beta is up and running until June 13th, 2017.



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