Another character trailer arrives for Street Fighter V featuring Ed, the Psycho Power wielding boxer and commander. He is a part of the Season 2 Character Pass batch and was previously introduced in Street Fighter IV as an experimental inheritor of M. Bison’s genetics.

Ed uses the ‘Psycho Snatcher’ V-Skill, ‘Psycho Cannon’ V-Trigger and ‘Psycho Barrage’ critical art to defeat his enemies; his boxing skills are thanks to being raised by Balrog. Players will get Ed’s Story and Premium Battle costumes along with colors 3-10 and default costume colors 3-10 unlocked. He will be playable during Capcom Fighters Network Beta taking place on PlayStation 4 and PC on May 11-14.


Street Fighter V‘s Season 2 Character Pass is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam for £24.99 / €29.99 / $29.99.




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