The second large expansion for Final Fantasy XIV will be released soon titled Stormblood. The expansion includes a new eight-man raid called Interdimensional Rift: Omega (see first piece of artwork below) and two new jobs in the form of the Red Mage, a powerful spellcaster, and a Samurai, who slashes with a katana in deadly strikes. A bunch of new areas are included: a new city, Kugane; a fourth residential area, Shirogane; and four new areas as part of the Journey to the East storyline: Ruby Sea, Gyr Abania, Yanxia, and Azim Steppe. There is also the new swimming and diving feature where your avatar can wear bathing suits, dive with their ride creature, and enjoy some plain old fun at the beach.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC on June 20th, 2017; the PlayStation 3 version’s service will end on this date, as well. 

New Job – Red Mage

New Job – Samurai

Beast Tribes/Primals

New City – Kugane

Fourth Residential Area: Shirogane


Journey to the East – Gyr Abania

Journey to the East – Azim Steppe

Journey to the East – Yanxia

Journey to the East – Ruby Sea

Journey to the East – Doma

Journey to the East – Ala Mhigo


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