Blade & Soul is getting an enormous new expansion this April in Europe and North America. The ‘Secret of the Stratus’ expansion will bring a plethora of new changes, an important one being the complete overhaul of the skill system making it more user friendly while still offering the same degree of customization as before.


Additionally, the expansion also introduces Act VII of the main story and several new PvE areas to the game:

  • Naryu Sanctum – A challenging dungeon for six players and full of incredible rewards
  • Celestial Basin – An exciting new open-world area for solo/casual players
  • Mushin’s Tower – New floors and leaderboards are being added to this popular solo dungeon
  • Training Room – A solo instance for players to practice skill combos and attack patterns

Last but not least, a purchasable voucher that instantly gives you level 50 is also being introduced. This will help those of you who time or patience to level up a character or for those who want to experience another high level class.



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