Virtual Air Guitar Company has announced their 11th game, Air Guitar Warrior. It’s a music and side scrolling shooter hybrid. Players will wield air guitars that double as weapons on a quest to find a legendary sword-guitar and challenge Heavy Metal Zeus at the top of the Temple of the Rock Gods. The guitar will fire when the player strums with their right hand, with different fire modes depending on the speed of the strumming. Moving the left hand along the neck of the guitar  changes between rhythm and lead guitar. Advancing in the game unlocks bend power allowing the player to bend backwards to unleash a destructive rapid fire mode.

A full soundtrack has also been created specially for the game by musicians Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger and Samppa Siurala. The lead guitar in the soundtrack responds to each of the 5 fire modes. The creators of the soundtrack, recorded multiple variations of the lead guitar for every track which allows the player to be in control of both the firing and the music. Your overall objective still remains the same however, to do it both in style and to be awesome.


Air Guitar Warrior features:
  • 50 hand-painted levels, ranging from post-apocalyptic ruins to the pits of pandemonium
  • 21 vehicles including dinosaurs, sharks with lasers, tigers and jet-powered crocodiles, featuring different gameplay for flying and ground vehicles
  • 13 giant bosses
  • 8 guitar weapons, each with 5 tactical fire modes
  • 10 album covers that you can star in
  • Full custom soundtrack by Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger and Samppa Siurala with 19 tracks ranging from classic rock to heavy metal
  • The guitar responds to your playing – choose slow or fast, rhythm or lead, or bend backwards to trigger destructive rapid fire
  • Scroll direction can be changed to support both right-handed and left-handed playing

Air Guitar Warrior is releasing on March 29th 2017 exclusively on Xbox One for $19.99 / €18.99 / £14.99.





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