Agent 47 is ready to take on another mission in Colorado with Episode 5 that’s just been released. We have a new trailer to show you promoting the plot and also some screenshots of certain way Ian Hitman can dispatch his target. This episode offers a new suit, Opportunities, challenges, Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets and Mastery levels to help unlock some fresh weapons and gear.

Episode 5 also brings new Opportunities, a new suit, new Colorado challenges, new Mastery levels unlocking new weapons and gear, and so on. New Escalation Contracts, Elusive Targets, and all that will hit Colorado over time too.

There are major revelations set to be revealed and this episode will set up an intriguing season finale.
Square Enix






Hitman – Episode 5: Colorado is available now and Episode 6: Japan soon to follow while the full retail release, with all episodes, of Hitman will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on January 31st, 2017.


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