BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe launched an opportunity on June 23rd for the community to vote on future additional content for One Piece: Burning Blood. The choices are between 17 famous characters including Rob Lucci, Kaku, Magellan, Caesar Clown, Arlong, Kuro,Don Krieg, Vergo, Cavendish, Señor Pink, Diamante, Trebol, Tashigi,Rebecca, Vivi, Monkey D. Garp and Coby. Both players and fans can use the voting system to vote on the next 3 characters that will join the games roster at a later date.

You can start voting for your favorite One Piece character by going to the official website; voting is only available till July 6th so go and vote before its too late!

Update 7/13/2016: Check out the announced winners here


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