A whole slew of screenshots and artwork comes our way for the upcoming Battlefield 1, DICE’s newest first-person shooter and the fourteenth entry into the Battlefield series.

With multiplayer matches that can feature up to 64 players at once, players will be fighting on horses and tanks across war-torn countries like France, Italy and Arabia as the game begins in World War I. Players will be able to utilize battleships at sea to bomb the coast, fight in the skies with aerial vehicles, and battle with all new machines from the time they were first created. Flamethrowers, biplanes, swords, blimps and more are awaiting players looking to get their hands on this title. Thank you for going backwards instead of to futuristic settings like other titles, Battlefield!

battlefield1_reveal_01 battlefield1_reveal_02 battlefield1_reveal_03 battlefield1_reveal_04 battlefield1_reveal_05 battlefield1_reveal_06 battlefield1_reveal_07 tgpc2dpften_jpg_jpgcopytgeedepc2dpften_jpg_jpgcopy

Battlefield 1 will be released worldwide for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 21st, 2016.


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