Screencheat was developed by Samurai Punk and published by Surprise Attack Games. It was released for Xbox One March 1st, 2016 for $14.99. A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels.


Screencheat is a crazy and chaotic FPS that can be played on solo mode where you can fine tune skills in time trials or play fast paced multiplayer matches. All players are invisible so you must look at your opponents’ screens in order to seek them out to shoot them, blow them up, or steal the rainbow piñata. The controls are easy to learn and the ease of moving around the maps makes this a family friendly game as well.

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What I Enjoyed:

Where do I start? – Screencheat has tons of maps, modes, and weapons to make this a fun quick paced and very chaotic party game. The game releases with 11 maps that are all very colorful and well thought out. My favorite map is the Steeple which is inside a holy mountain. The most interesting was the Loop.  This map goes in circles, this map goes in circles, this map goes in circles…  Each map has color coded areas which is how you know where to find for your opponents.

Which mode shall we play? – There are 10 standard modes which include party mode and murder mystery. Another 9 team modes ranging from team hillcampers to team one shot. Lastly, a custom mode where you can make your own game modes and rules. Game mode settings can be changed by increasing or decreasing the time limit, how many scores to win, as well as an option to turn on mutators. These mutators make the game very interesting and can make it hard to win at hillcampers when you turn on martyrdom; upon blowing up an opponent they too will blow you up if you are standing too close.

Lots of ways to blow ‘em up – There are 10 weapons to choose from and master. They range from your everyday firearms such as a Grenade launcher, Revolver rifle to the Blunderbuss. To creative weapons like the bear bomb, hobby horse to even wackier weapons such as a Candelabra, Chefolet, Wall hacker and my personal favourite the Sörgeån. When using the Sörgeån take special care in stepping out of its way once fired as it will come straight back and take you out if you are not paying attention.

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What I Disliked:

Just a dab will do – Overall this game is great and I really do not have many negative things to say. Really it only needs a melee attack added and more outdoor levels as I enjoyed the level in the sky. The graphics could be better but really I am not looking at them as I am hunting down my opponents. Once I started to play I lost all track of time and maybe got a little competitive. Also I found that watching more than three screens can be very chaotic and hard to keep track of where everyone is.

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To be honest there is nothing that I greatly disliked about Screencheat.  It is a gem as it not only has local co-op it has online multiplayer and that is a major plus for me when it comes to gaming. I am an avid supporter of indie games and I can definitely recommend this game for immediate purchase; if you like a little mayhem, chaos, and having a good laugh with your friends then this game is for you. This could very well be on my list of top indie games for 2016.

Score: Buy it now


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