The steady stream of Tales Of games doesn’t stop with the newest addition to the series, Tales of Berseria, announced not too long ago. There were already previously shown characters for the game with the protagonist, Velvet and her companion, Lapichet. Now, Rokurou and Eleanor join the party, each with their own unique backstories! Their addition to this pirate-themed sequel is sure to lavish the title with even more depth and variety that the series is known for possessing.

Rokurou [Age: 22 | 180 cm | Daemon | Dual Wielder/Dual Blades]


Rokurou is a young swordsman with a cheerful, pleasant and freewheeling personality. He adopts a natural attitude towards Velvet who moves forward with her intense emotion. He experienced an onset of Damonblight a few years ago and became a daemon. However he keeps moving his way to take advantage of that power to master his family’s swordplay style without giving up his hope. He seems to stay rational even though he is a daemon. He takes good care of people and supports Velvet who charges ahead and takes care of Laphicet who has no his own idea.

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Eleanor [Age: 18 | 165 cm | Human | Praetor/Spear]


Eleanor belongs to “Abbey”, the organization of exorcists. She always scrambles as a praetor to release the world from the threat of daemons. She is so sober that she does not forget to have compassion for the others and she also has a stubborn aspect to always do right things in the right way. She is honest and easily exposes her emotion but she recognizes her inexperience and tries hard to stick to ruthless “reason”.

As an exorcist protecting the world from daemons, she fights against Velvet for her attacks on Abbey.

She is usually kind and doesn’t forget to have compassion for the others. As an exorcist, she makes efforts not only to fight against daemons but also to listen to people and to help them.

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Tales of Berseria was just announced recently to be released sometime in 2016 for Japan, but has been confirmed to be coming West. It will be released on the PlayStation 4, 3, and Microsoft Windows.

Source: Official Tales Of Blog



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