Blackfaun was developed and published by Wild Guess Software. It was released (Early Access) on December 3rd, 2015 for $14.99. A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels. 

Blackfaun is a very easy to pick up roguelike RPG with a vibrant art style and simple control scheme. The game play is similar to that of the Diablo or Torchlight games, some even compare it to the Isaac games. The roguelike aspect sets it aside from some of the other ARPGs on the market, and it’s art style is whimsical and light.


What I enjoyed:

Quick to click – The controls are very easy to master and don’t require a ton of dexterity to handle. I would have liked the option to use a mapped controller or a controller scheme, but ultimately it’s very easy to control on the mouse and keyboard setup. The click to fire is pretty intuitive and it doesn’t take long to feel like you’re a pro.

Pick me up – I am a sucker for loot, so anything where I can progressively find items which improve my character generally suits me. I did find that it’s hard to understand exactly what you are benefiting from after each death, but that you get items regularly. The variations in loot are also seemingly deep and keep you interested in playing another life.


What I disliked:

In the dark – Some of the various items or chests don;t give a great description of how they benefit you, this was the one are I found to be lacking, a clear description of buffs and items. The interface seems a bit light for this type of game and could include a bit more information overall.

Difficulty Scale – It does seem that the difficulty skyrockets from one level to the next, this may have to do with how you build your character but I got melted in the second world as you see in the video. Leveling up prior to moving on seems highly important.


I found this to be a fun casual ARPG roguelike experience. I think if you enjoy either genre you’ll likely have fun with this title. It’s in early access also which is always a plus if it’s plying well because the developers can improve on their already cleanly working game. From what I can see the development team is big on feedback and making changes to improve so I’ll recommend this one with flying colors.

Score: Buy it now


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