Militia was developed and published by BrainGoodGames. It was released on December 2nd, 2015 for £4.79. A review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels.

Militia is a “bite sized” turn based strategy game that plays like the classic board game chess. The game is played with a mouse and has no controller support at this time. There is a nice contrast between the two competing sides and the ‘board’ on where it is played. I had no technical issues arise for me during my time playing Militia. The replay value is very high if you can learn and adapt to a simplistic game. There are no difficulty options but the enemies get more challenging with each level you complete.


What I enjoyed:

Easy to learn – Within a few moments of playing I fully grasped the game and was controlling my troops with ease. There was a help screen in the game I didn’t need to use but is there for anyone who may need a quick reminder or tip.

Ever changing challenge – The enemies adapt to you and the levels are randomized. The difficulty increases regularly keeping the challenge fresh.

Music – The music in the game is really outstanding and really suits the games style. The audio adds to the atmosphere so much that you could easily just leave the game running and enjoy the music.

What I disliked:

Price – The price at £4.79 seems steep for the type of game you’re getting.

No control of your units at the start – All the units are placed down randomly posing a greater challenge. I would like some control over where the troops would be placed though. I would also love to have control over what type of troop is gained.

Limited in turns – You only have a certain amount of turns to kill all troops before losing. You also are heavily outnumbered. This should be countered with some sort of option to give you more turns or a way to reduce the clock.


If you enjoy strategy games like chess and have a great amount of patience for simple games you could find yourself playing this game for long periods of time. The challenges keep rising and the randomization of the game keeps you on your toes. The game may not have a lot of depth but I fully enjoyed the simplicity and the easiness to grasp the game and rules. If you are a fan of chess and any other strategy board styled game, this will be enjoyable.

Score: Wait for a sale


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