Quaternion Studios & EnjoyUp Games have announced a release date for the Xbox One for their upcoming game, Rock Zombie. The game is set to hit the platform on Friday 4th December

Rock Zombie combines Music and Zombies to make a beat-em-up game where you step in the shoes of a female rock band whose concert was invaded by a horde of zombies.


The trailer below shows players what they can expect from the game, showing off the characters and what they can all do.

The game will include:

  • 20 levels, all filled with action, where you will be put against all kinds of enemies, ride motorcycles, drive cars and much, much more.
  • A terrifying story, told through comic strips between action sections
  • Three amazing characters to choose from: Crystal, Sasha, and Zoe


  • A wide variety of weapons, costumes, concept art, and unlockable material.
  • A dark and rainy urban atmosphere, with music styles such as Hard Rock, Nu Metal and Alt Rock to help immerse you into it.



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