Waifu Fight: Dango Style

Waifu Fight Dango Style is an exciting new retro-type puzzle game incorporating a unique mix of intense gameplay and attractive, anime-style character artwork! You and your Waifu of choice will square off against an opponent by bouncing dango between one another until you break through their defenses! Think a mix between the wall breaking mechanics of Breakout, the narrative elements of HuniePop, and some good old-fashioned Pong action! Unlike its contemporaries in the ecchi game field, Waifu Fight incorporates its characters as a gameplay element—occasionally a character will pop into the middle of the screen and your dango will bounce off of her body! Combine this with a robust suite of items and power-ups, and the paths to victory become nearly endless!


Story Mode:
Each playable character will have their own personal story featured here. Players will be able to play through each character’s story to unlock special features and/or earn rewards.
Playable characters will include: Iromi, Akane, Jessica, Yume, Kasumi, Midori, Haruka, Kagami, & Dr. Yuri Shimizu
Amanda, Madoka, Ryoko, and Paige will eventually be playable.
Potions will be usable in this mode.

Arcade Mode:
Each player will play through 8 random stages and then the boss stage.
Leaderboards will be based upon high scores.

Challenge Mode:
This mode will allow players to continue to play through an endless loop of stages. Players will be able to unlock special features, earn rewards, and compete on leaderboards based upon how far they went before being defeated.
After each stage is complete, players will be granted a special random bonus that will carry over to the next stage and the next stage only.
Potions will be usable in this mode.

Online Mode:
This will allow players to compete online against each other. Two modes will be available: PvP & Arena.
PvP – Each player will be able to compete either by a random opponent (based on ELO rating), an invite system through chat, or a friend’s list. This mode will be free.
Arena – Upon entering and each time a player wants to compete in the arena, he or she will need to pay with dango coins or real money. Each player will be given 3 random characters which of one they will select. The player will then play up to a 15 win gauntlet challenge. After losing 3 matches the player will then be eliminated and the arena is over.
Players will be able to unlock special features, earn rewards, and compete using their own personal ELO rating.
Potions will be usable if selected in “PvP” but not be usable in “Arena”.

Golden Bunny Bar Brawl:
This mode will allow players to test new mechanics, characters, and abilities. This mode may or may not feature a debug mode to give players total freedom for complete chaos.
This mode will be able to be played online or offline.
Potions will be usable in this mode.

Click here for more info: http://waifufightdangostyle.com/