Ravva And The Cyclops Curse

Ravva and the Cyclops is a short 8-bit platform adventure inspired by classic NES games, both in art style and gameplay.

You’ll meet Ravva, a young summoner apprentice who is now in a desperate situation. The child’s mother is a powerful summoner, but then a terrible foe emerged: the Cyclops Lord.

After an intense fight, he stole the summoner powers and cast a terrible curse upon her!

Now little Ravva must gather all the courage available to face a dangerous journey to face the Cyclops and end the curse.



The game will take you through various stages with challenging design, all of them aiming to test your skills and courage.

Use 4 different types of summons to defeat foes and overcome obstacles, each minion being better suited for specific tasks.

Find power-ups, scores and secrets around the stages while facing unique enemies and hazards.

The game is inspired by classic NES games, including charming art style and fair challenges


– Campaign of randomly chosen bosses leading up to a final battle

– Permadeath

– Many stackable upgrade items

– Poetic story with lovely pixelized illustrations

– Multiple endings

– Tons of unlockables

– Customizable controls

– Original soundtrack inspired by retro boss battle music and heavy metal!


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