We are a unique group of people who decided to put our talents to use together.

We make an amazing team with a voracious appetite for gaming in which we cover several platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and Steam.

We are made up of people from all over the world so we bring a distinct experience to each of our streams on Twitch as well as notable content on our very own YouTube.

We all share a passion for gaming and sharing that passion with other like-minded gamers.

We found each other on sites such as MyGamerProfile.net, trueachievements.com, Xbox Live, and Twitch.

Starting The Hidden Levels was our next step to bringing a better gaming experience to others.

With such a diverse team working on the channel and website we have no limitations to genre choices we can bring to our fans as well as adding our own individual spin and flare.

Gaming for others is really the best job ever and we all do it because it is what each of our team members love!

Each stream will have its own stamp depending on who the streamer is we never really know how it will begin but it will always be entertaining and informative.

Our walkthroughs, game reviews and previews on YouTube are detailed and well done with lots of great information to help you with all your gaming needs.

This is why The Hidden Levels is for any and everyone.

To put it simply our motivation is our fans and followers and to always bring top notch daily entertainment and informative content about games.

If you are a developer or publisher who wants their game promoted feel free to use the Contact Us form on our website.