Anthem was probably the hottest game to watch during EA Play 2018. Anthem will serve as Bioware’s take on the Destiny formula, with promises of huge open worlds that are explorable combined with rpg elements and online co-op play. Bioware have the experience, skill and are known for their RPG’s. Anthem is entrenched in the right combination and foundations to possibly become the next AAA hit. Take a look at the awesome trailer below.


During the conference, Casey Hudson (General Manager), Mark Darrah (Executive Producer) and Cathleen Rootsaert (Lead Writer) came onto the stage to reveal more details about the game. Anthem will feature a ‘living, shared world’ but the hub area will be solo only, thus combining singleplayer with multiplayer. The premise of Anthem is a world unfinished by the Gods, and they left massive tools behind. These tools, dubbed The Anthem of Creation, are constantly reshaping the world by creating storms, seasons and other dangers. These changes are dynamic and will happen in real-time for all players present.

Players will take on the role of a freelancer capable of piloting the exo-suits called “Javelins”. The Dominion, the main enemy force, have found a way to weaponise the Anthem of Creation and you will need to find a way to stop them. There will be 4 “Javelins” (Classes): Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. Warrior, Tank, Assassin and Mage respectively. The classes will vary drastically and will synergise with eachother. There is also an added layer of strategy by providing verticality through flight.

Additionally, the panel answered a few questions from twitter. Firstly, the javelins will be highly customisable. There will be cosmetics that are purchasable but will not feature lootboxes or pay-to-win systems. You will always know what you are getting. Think of them as microtransactions instead.

For more details and information take a look at the complete game features video below.

Anthem will be releasing on February 22nd, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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