Call of Duty: WWII’s “The War Machine” DLC Map Screenshots, War Mode, & New Nazi Zombies Chapter

Sledgehammer Games plans to release the next in DLCs for Call of Duty: WWII titled “The War Machine”. Players will experience three new maps titled Egypt, where you’ll shoot other players near pyramids at Giza and fight in a center temple during Domination matches; Dunkirk, the French sea-side city that possesses tight interiors in buildings but a large open space for sniping outside; and finally V2, a rocket development and test site located in Germany with many elevated areas to get the higher ground on enemies.

A new War Mode is also being released that’s been created in conjunction with Raven Software that includes aerial dog-fighting gameplay after collecting and sending intel! The first War Mode offering is Operation Husky that refers to the Allied invasion of Sicily to retrieve intelligence on the locations of sensitive German targets in the ports of Palermo and Naples. Not only that, but a new chapter in Nazi Zombies is released in this DLC pack called The Shadowed Throne which sees our heroes enter Berlin in order to stop Doktor Straub’s evil that’s been unleashed.

Call of Duty: WWII‘s “The War Machine” DLC will be released first on PlayStation 4 on April 10th, 2018 with the Xbox One and PC versions following shortly after.



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