Immortal: Unchained Alpha Test Trailer & Screenshots

The Alpha testing for new action-RPG, sci-fi shooter has been announced by developer Sold Out and publisher Toadman Interactive for Immortal: Unchained. The alpha test will begin on Thursday, March 8th and run until Monday, March 12th on PC via Steam. Players are encouraged to apply at the game’s site and offer feedback after trying out the alpha for the devs to get some serious refinements going on. This title possesses brutal combat and tactical gunplay and allows players to try out two different locations while testing.


We’re thrilled to offer PC players the first opportunity to go hands-on with Immortal: Unchained next month. We’re taking player feedback incredibly seriously, and we hope that by putting the game into the hands of hardcore action-RPG fans now, we’ll be able to gather feedback that helps us create an even better title in time for launch, and a game that fans of the genre will truly want to play.

– Robin Flodin, CEO of Toadman Interactive

We can’t wait to see players’ impressions of Immortal: Unchained. With more updates and surprises planned for 2018, we hope hardcore action-RPG fans will be excited to discover much more of the dark sci-fi world Toadman is creating as we get closer to launch.

– Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out

Immortal: Unchained will be released both digitally and physically for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam later in 2018.


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