Aaero 1000DaysWasted: Drum & Bass Pack DLC Review

Aaero was one of my favorite games of 2017 (the review for which can be found here) but my one big criticism of it was that it was all over too quickly. Although there was a good variety of tracks, the game itself was so addictive I quickly found myself beating every song on the hardest difficulty and finding all of the secrets that were dotted around which left me wishing for more content. At the end of 2017 my wish was answered when MadFellows started to tease the release of a DLC pack before finally confirming that we’d see three tracks from 1000DaysWasted as well as three new ships to operate. Now the day has finally arrived where I get to play more Aaero and once again I am reminded just why I fell in love with the game.

Different Music Genre – The soundtrack to Aaero is an absolute “belter”; however, if you are not a fan of Dubstep you might have found it a little repetitive due to the lack of genre variation. This DLC addresses that by bringing you some Drum & Bass from “1000DaysWasted”. Initially I was a little skeptical as to how well this would work with the mechanics of Aaero but my fears quickly dissipated within a couple of minutes of familiarizing myself with the movement and shooting/timing I was back in my groove. The three songs that have been chosen to be a part of Aaero all have a very different feel to them (you can actually listen to the entire soundtrack on Spotify as I created a playlist which is available here) and all of them have their own challenges. First time players may feel discouraged from the difficulty of the DLC tracks and find it a little much to start with as all three tracks felt like they were made for people that have spent a decent amount of time with Aaero.

Sol, Phaser and Comet – There was a competition on Twitter recently from the developers as they wanted to bring in some new ships. Anyone could enter and the premise was simple: put forward a suggestion and the three most popular names would be featured in Aaero. All three ships play exactly the same as each other so it is purely a cosmetic change, which is very welcome as I did initially fear that the new ships could have special features that would enable people to play differently. If each ship reacted differently to the music or handled differently I think it might have changed the core of what makes Aaero so brilliant, which is that it is incredibly simple to learn how to play and still also challenging enough so you feel like you are improving the more you play.

Dissonance Constant – Dissonance Constant is the name of the last track in this DLC and the reason I have mentioned it is not because of the actual song itself (although it is a great track), I actually mention it because of how impressive it is visually. The Sickness and Rage were great additions to the game but visually they didn’t quite draw me in like Dissonance Constant because they have parts that feel very similar to other tracks used in Aaero. As soon as the first few beats drop the player is treated to a majestic orange and red backdrop that looks sublime, especially when played on Xbox One X. The colors are so bright and vivid that you could easily be forgiven for failing the level due to being so drawn into what you are seeing on the screen. I also really appreciated the brief glimpse of a familiar arachnid boss at the end of one of the levels, although it did make me miss the epic battles that occurred every few of the core levels. One thing that I would like to see is some sort of option for people to vote on tracks added to the game, either via social media or the official Aaero Discord channel. I know that there would be a lot of tracks out there that couldn’t be used in the game due to licensing issues but it might open up the possibility if exploring different genres. Imagine playing Aaero to a slamming heavy metal track, or even playing one of the original tracks but a remixed version of it? The possibilities are potentially endless so I am excited to see what the future of Aaero entails.

No Bass Battles – The boss battles in Aaero were a welcome variation to just matching the beat with your ship. Accompanying the fights were some suitably epic tracks from the likes of Noisia and Habstrakt that came together to create some very memorable moments that stuck with me long after playing. My hopes were high for another boss fight especially after catching a glimpse of one of the previous bosses in the background of an earlier track, unfortunately though we will have to wait to battle another boss as there are no additional fights to be found in this DLC. It isn’t a massive issue as the three tracks are still great but it would have been a lot of fun to fight either a previously encountered enemy or, even better, a brand new not-seen-before boss.

Left Wanting More (Again)! – The three tracks are a lot of fun to play; however, anyone remotely familiar with how Aaero plays will likely see completion of this DLC pack in a couple of hours at best. The problem I now have is that I am once again wanting more new content. The leaderboards are as competitive as ever which feeds my addiction for a while although I find myself inevitably craving more new songs to blast through. It seems that more are on the way since if you follow Mad Fellows on Social Media or are in their Discord you’d see the announcement of a Monstercat DLC pack but so far there is no definitive release date on this.

Once again, MadFellows Games have produced some incredible content and made Aaero even better with a more diverse mix of music and Xbox One X enhancements which make the eye-melting visuals even more hypnotic. Another DLC track pack is seemingly on the horizon so those who love Aaero have something to look forward to in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future.

Aaero: 1000DaysWasted DLC was developed and published by MadFellows Games. It was released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [reviewed] on January 11th, 2018. A press review copy was provided for The Hidden Levels. Many studios submit copies for site review but this is in no way factored into our review scores. Games are scored on their individual merits and our rating system is explained here.


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