4A Games and Deep Silver came out for E3 at Xbox’s conference to unveil the latest sequel to their survival horror series, Metro Exodus. While initially alluding at the beginning of the trailer to more underground work, we soon find that we will instead venture outside the dimly lit and spooky tunnels to battle creatures in the natural light.

These titles are based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 and Metro 2035 novels and take place in 2036 where players will take control of Artyom once again. Explore the outside world based in a post-apocalyptic Russia where you’ll brave the seasons and what the dangers they have in store. You will get to lead a band of Spartan Rangers in order to find new life to the East of the nuclear-devastated land in a massive sandbox setting.


We are so proud to finally be able to reveal our next Metro game to the world, and would like to thank all the Metro fans for their patience. Metro Exodus has been in development for three years between our Malta and Kyiv studios, and represents our most ambitious project yet.

– Andriy Prokhorov, Creative Director and co-founder at 4A Games

Metro Exodus will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in 2018.


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