War for the Overworld, the dungeon management game with a dark sense of humour has received an all-new game mode with My Pet Dungeon. Watch the trailer below.


My Pet Dungeon features:

  • Bonus Objectives – Complete special objectives to earn extra points, such as raising your minions’ Levels or slaying dozens of heroes – all at your own pace.
  • Eight All-New Levels – Focussed on exploration, discovery and dungeon building.
  • God Mode – Realise your omnipotence with the power to shape the very land, spawn in units and much more – all in real time.
  • Room Unlock System – Rooms unlock over time, freeing your research up to focus on other Aspects.
  • The Toybox – A special room unique to My Pet Dungeon, allowing you to pick up and drop enemy units into your dungeon as though they were mere toys.
  • Three Unlockable Themes – Unlock the long-awaited Empire Dungeon Themes, newly refined to work as playable themes.
  • Unique Scoring System – Earn points by building the greatest dungeon in the Underworld; earn enough to unlock the next level.
  • Wave Spawning – Spawn waves of enemy units to put your dungeon through its paces through new controls.
  • Winter Wonderland – Discover a new snowy terrain theme as your minions crunch through frozen underground caverns.

In addition, the game’s second anniversary is being celebrated with the release of the Anniversary Collection, a new Bundle on Steam. the bundle includes the base game, Heart of Gold expansion, My Pet Dungeon expansion, the free Crucible expansion, and a host of extras previously found only in the Underlord Edition.

Moreover, Brightrock Games has also released a patch. The full ist of patch notes can be viewed here.

War for the Overworld base game is 75% off today as part of Steam’s Daily Deal for Monday 3rd April.

My Pet Dungeon is available to download on Steam now (£5.59, $7.99, €7.99)



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