World of Warcraft: The Tomb of Sargeras Info, Trailers & Screenshots

The latest patch to arrive for the popular World of Warcraft,“The Tomb of Sargeras” will include a massive load of content where players will return to The Broken Shore to face off against the Legion once again. Along with a new campaign and World Quests, a plethora of other modes to compete in exist such as:

  • New Dungeon: Cathedral of Eternal Night – Ascend to the spire of the Tomb of Sargeras in a new 5-player Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic Keystone dungeon.
  • New Legion Assaults – Join forces for multistage Legion Assault world quests that culminate in an epic 3-player scenario and strike a heavy blow against the Legion.
  • Duke It Out in PvP Brawls – PvP Brawls debut in WoW, rotating in a variety of modes, rules, and environments every other week as an option to the usual Battleground gameplay.
  • Class Order Hall Campaign Continues – Unlock new Artifact traits, recruit a new follower, and ultimately earn a class mount.
  • Flying in the Broken Isles – Complete The Broken Isles Pathfinder Achievement to earn your wings!
  • Expand Your Foothold on the Broken Isles with Region-Wide, Powerful Bonuses that are unlocked as you come together as a region to reconstruct ancient ruins.
  • And much more!


World of Warcraft‘s “The Tomb of Sargeras” is out now on PC.


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