In celebration of its four-year birthday, Digital Extremes is celebrating this special occasion with the release of ‘Octavia’s Anthem’ for Warframe.


Players will journey through an original, lore-driven quest in search of the musically enchanted Octavia Warframe. Alongside the Octavia, comes a musical instrument that enables players to compose original songs and synchronize them to their weapons. You can also create musical arrangements in cooperation with other Tenno and trade songs. Additionally, players can capture, edit and share their customized Warframes using the robust Captura photo capture tool.

The development team is als offeing players four anniversary gifts. On Tuesday, March 28, players will receive a free Dex Nouchali Syandana in their Landing Craft Inbox, while the Dex Sybaris, Dex Dakra, and Dex Furi (previosu anniversary gifts) will be available to earn in Alerts from Friday, March 24 to Monday, March 27 at 11 am PST/2 p.m. ET/6 p.m. GMT.

The Octavia’s Anthem Update features:

NEW WARFRAME: Force your foes to face the music with Lotus’ newest warrior, Octavia. Octavia’s abilities are powered by the Mandachord, a formidable tool used to mix Melody, Bass, and Percussion into a harmony of destruction. Create cooperatively devised songs with friends in dojos, or download other Tenno-created songs and re-experience Octavia from a different perspective.

NEW CAPTURA FEATURE: Don your best Fashion Frame, then capture and edit the ultimate image with a variety of filters, graphics and editing tools.

NEW QUEST: The Octavia’s Anthem Quest will have you drawn into the Relay by the vast consciousness Cephalon Suda, whose strange, disoriented behavior warrants investigation. Find out what happened to Cephalon Suda before it’s too late and the knowledge she has collected is destroyed. Beware, Tenno, as darkness lingers.

NEW WEAPONS: Wield two new weapons designed to work in synch with the Octavia Warframe.


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