The bullet-hell game featured on PC and PlayStation Vita is making its way onto the PlayStation 4 and it’s groovy! Enter Laser Disco Defenders, a game by Out Of Bounds and Excalibur Games that features four different characters to play as while battling in galactic battles with each of their respective skills. The characters include Mr Baker, Tommy, Donna, and Liz as they take on Lord Monotone’s minions to stop him from using the Mirror Moon for evil and non-funky deeds.

The game features procedurally-generated levels that are different every time you play, making it more survival-based more than a traditional schmup. Not only that, but the characters’ beams reflect off walls and could possibly hit/kill them, making the player more aware of their shots. All of this is done while shooting to the groove of a 70’s soundtrack and customizing their character’s psychedelic outfits.







Laser Disco Defenders will make its way to the PlayStation 4 on November 15th, 2016 while already being available for PC through Steam and PlayStation Vita.


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