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Titanfall is the best FPS ever made. A bold statement? Perhaps, but to me nothing has come remotely close to capturing the amount of fun I have had playing the first game from Respawn Entertainment. I originally played Titanfall on the Xbox 360 as I didn’t own an Xbox One at the time. I was amazed with how fast paced the gameplay was but to me it always felt well balanced. I spent several months playing with a close group of friends working our way up to Gen 10 and unlocking all the achievements. As soon as I got an Xbox One I made sure that Titanfall was one of the first games I picked up, and sure enough I went through the entire game again levelling up and beating every achievement available.

The premise of Titanfall is fairly simple; you play as either the IMC or the Militia in teams of 6 and have to either be the first to reach 300 points. The campaign offers two modes to allow you to get this. Attrition is the Titanfall equivalent of Team Deathmatch. The unique twist on this is that you not only fight human controlled opponents but also A.I bots. These move in a similar way to human controlled characters but rarely put up much of a fight and you score significantly less points for killing one. Hardpoint Domination has three points on every map, and the team that locks them down for the longest wins. The campaign mode alternates between these different game modes depending on what map you are on. A lot of people complained about the lack of story but I found it rather invigorating to be able to jump into a game without the need to spend hours finding out the back-story.


Respawn Entertainment pulled off a masterstroke by deciding to give away all the DLC for free. At the time the player place was rather broken up between those who had DLC and those that did not, and as a result the matchmaking would struggle to fill lobbies. Now that everyone has access to every map instantly the player base is a lot bigger and for the majority of the time you’ll never struggle to get a game going. Some modes are still sparsely populated which is a shame as modes like Pilot Hunter and Frontier Defence are a lot of fun and offer something different. You can now pick up Titanfall as part of EA Access, another great move to bring in new players so there really is no excuse to try it now.

The titans themselves take a little bit of time to master. You have three different classes and each has its own characteristics but none of them ever feel overpowered. How the titans work is also cleverly done. Everybody starts with a timer of three minutes. At the end of the three minutes you’ll get a titan that you can call in, but killing pilots and A.I grunts decreases this timer so the better you are at the game the more titans you can potentially call in. This means even the newest of players have the ability to call in several titans a match and stops dominant players from completely being able to take over a game. Weapon balance is also very well done. Where some may see a lack of weaponry and options I see a tightly put together arsenal that has something to please everyone. Too many games like Call of Duty offer you an excessive amount of weapons to choose from, but realistically how many of them are you really going to use on a regular basis? Every map in Titanfall has a plethora of areas to explore and I struggle to think of any that I dislike, which is a rarity. They are all well designed and keep the action moving without it ever getting overwhelming.


I could quite easily write several thousands of words as to why I think Titanfall is a must-buy game. The fact that years after its release we have games like Call of Duty: Black ops 3 and Destiny copying its mechanics shows just how much of an impact it has had on the FPS genre. Even though I finished the games many achievements over a year ago I still find myself being drawn in for a few games. It has that pick up and play quality that draws you in on the premise you’ll play for 10 minutes yet several hours will pass before you finally put down the pad. I cannot wait to play Titanfall 2 when it releases in October, I only hope that they don’t change what isn’t broken.

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