Sega has released a new trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remastered centered around the epic story of Squad 7. Taking place in the fictional continent of Europa in 1935 E.C., the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance (The Empire) face off against the Atlantic Federation over the resource known as Ragnite.

With The Empire harshly raiding the lands in search for Ragnite, the Principality of Gallia is in danger and its citizens and soldiers wish to stand up against this foe. Players will follow Squad 7 and Lieutenant Welkin Gunther as they face off against The Empire with a revitalized HD graphics engine in 1080p/60fps quality so cutscenes and battles look even better than the PlayStation 3 counterpart. This Remastered edition also holds all previous DLC released for Valkyria Chronicles back on the PS3, including Hard EX Mode, Edy’s Mission, Selvaria’s Mission, and Challenge of the Edy Detachment.


Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will be released for the PlayStation 4 on May 17th, 2016 in both North America and Europe.



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