Vanguard Gameplay Trailer for Livelock

Tuque Games releases a new trailer to show off one of the character variants you’ll be able to play in Livelock called the Vanguard. This mighty warrior wields a giant hammer that he uses to smash through his enemies, create shockwaves in the ground, and charge through a large horde to cause big damage. Not only that, but this character is able to generate a shield to protect himself and his allies from incoming damage and shoot an energy cannon.

Livelock is a top-down, third-person shoot ’em up title that has mechanical soldiers known as The Few who fight against the Cluster — corrupted machines hellbent on destroying humanity for the Earth. The story takes place a century after a cataclysmic gamma ray burst nearly obliterated all resources and now these two forces are fighting over what remains.


Livelock will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC/Mac later in 2016.

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