Fenix Furia Announcement Trailer & Screenshots

While previously called Fenix Rage, Fenix Furia has now been renamed and a new trailer has been released to show off just what we’ll be expecting for this platforming title. You play one of two characters in single player or co-op as you race against the other across different stages while avoiding large mechanical enemies, death traps, and more. Green Lava Studios and Reverb Inc. are promising a title that’s not only fun but challenging to those hardcore platforming players out there. Play with your friends to see who is the better one at survival.

Below are some more screenshots on the gameplay to show off the unique levels.

FenixRage_Screenshot_1FenixRage_Screenshot_10 FenixRage_Screenshot_7 FenixRage_Screenshot_6 FenixRage_Screenshot_5 FenixRage_Screenshot_4 FenixRage_Screenshot_3 FenixRage_Screenshot_2 FenixFuria_splitscreen02Xbone FenixFuria_splitscreen02PS4 FenixFuria_splitscreen01Xbone FenixFuria_splitscreen01PS4

Fenix Furia will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime soon.

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