It’s been just over 15 years since the release of one of the most influential first-person shooters of all time, System Shock 2. The game that was “ahead of its time” has had its rights bought out by OtherSide Entertainment, the creators behind the latest RPG Underworld Ascendant, and they have also announced that they are coming out with a sequel for the series. There has been nothing else but a few teaser images and a site for System Shock 3, but the developers have been releasing voice recordings of the main antagonist, SHODAN, with voice actress Terri Brosius reprising the role. This image below is what’s displayed on OtherSide’s website dedicated to updates for the title, and features a newly designed look for SHODAN.


Many key members who have worked on the series in the past have returned to work on this sequel including Nate Wells, a senior artist of the second game; Paul Neurath, who oversaw the series’ development; and Waters, a concept artist for the series, among others. With this development team working on the title it’s sure to be the closest game for originality. After this team acquired the rights to the System Shock series from Night Dive Studios, who have been carrying it all these years, they now have creative control over all future versions for the franchise; this could potentially launch the series into a flurry of games that could possibly reach consoles, as well.

System Shock 2 was re-released for OSX and Linux in 2013 and 2014, respectively, with better graphics. BioShock was its spiritual successor and inherited many game elements from this title, such as the wrench and many other mechanics. View the images for the last title below in order to get a feel for what the game is about if you’ve never gotten around to it.





Since System Shock 3 is still in early development there’s no release date, but we will be sure to keep gamers updated as more is revealed.



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