Aliens are pretty amazing and Dinosaurs have always caught my eyes. Add them together? Now we are talking!
Ratalaika Games are now seeking out your help to make this dream become a reality… in game!

1000 Euros sees the game come to Steam, 5000 Euros for the game on Xbox One and 6500 Euro’s for the game to come to PS4. Here is more info about the game:

An alien dinosaur race which lives in outer space, is in danger due to their lack of resources. Since always they have been travelling and conquering other planets, until they extract their resources, not because they want, but because they consume them to fast. During the last research done by the intelligence department, they have discovered a planet that can offer them the necessary natural resources they need to survive a good amount of time.

The problem is, this new planet (Earth) lives a species know as, Humans. T-Rex has been always used to fight other species known to them, sometimes even against themselves, but this time they have to study who are they going to attack.

To do this research they decide to make a quick trip to Earth and capture a human to test their defenses. The way they decide to test the skills of the human is with a cube with chambers full of traps and lethal experiments. There, they will release the human only armed with a knife and a gun…what will be his luck? Will he determine the fate of humanity?

They have 22 days to reach a goal of 1000 euros and so far funding is looking to be going very well indeed!

You can pledge help to the cause through this link:

Click here to go to the Kickstarter!


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